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A Puppet on a String

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I re-made Yuya’s pendant today. I decided the wings didn’t wrap the way I wanted them too, and the paint job was a little rough because I’m impatient. So today at work I used the heat from our over powered irons to bend the wings again (i also used my beading tools I forgot I had, and gloves to I didn’t burn my fingertips this time.) I used a different color to paint with, and bought a new bead for the top part. I actually wrapped it in wire this time like it’s supposed to be - I also unwrapped all the wire from the top of the main gem and replaced the top with a metal hoop. I bought a thicker (more accurate chain, but I wish it was a little longer. ) The first picture is Version 2.0 vs Version 1.0 and the second picture is the pendant being worn - which it moves around alot less now.


Original Artist




Original Artist


ooc// well i finally got caught up on Arc-v and now I want to make a blog for Yuya. Somebody stop me >.<



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!!!!!Hey guys!!!!

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//ooc// and now you guys know why i dissappeared. Sorry but I’ve been working extra hard to get my online shop up and running and making buttons like crazy because my fiancee’s been out of work for the past 3 months. 

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Hi guys! Long time no see. 

Life is crazy stressful right now, so I’m running away to IV to ignore everything else. My puppet master never fails me when it comes to cheering me up.

So Hi. 

Guess who’s back?!


This Blog is brand new, because I’ve been aching to rp our little fiery Uchiha, so here I have a new rp blog. Please follow and come rp with me! I’m super nice I swear - well Sasuke may not be ..but I am! 

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