A Puppet on a String
Hi, I am the IV, the winner of the Asian Dueling Championship. If you're here, you're probably a fan of mine. I love to make sure my fans get the service they deserve, so please don't be shy. Drop me a line. ~ IV

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{Independant RP account for IV of Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal}

A Puppet on a String

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//out of strings//

Hi guys! Long time no see. 

Life is crazy stressful right now, so I’m running away to IV to ignore everything else. My puppet master never fails me when it comes to cheering me up.

So Hi. 

Guess who’s back?!


This Blog is brand new, because I’ve been aching to rp our little fiery Uchiha, so here I have a new rp blog. Please follow and come rp with me! I’m super nice I swear - well Sasuke may not be ..but I am! 

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Not just when you reblog memes for them. I prefer ones that are thought up by others over the ones on meme’s usually. So it’s okay to submit them to me at anytime, however the Mun always reserves the right to decline M!A’s.

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Mun/Muse Relationship Ask!
☺ Something the Mun and Muse have in common
♦ A secret the Mun keeps from the Muse
◘ A secret the Muse doesn't like sharing
☻ Something the Mun and Muse disagree on
♣ What the Muse wishes the Mun would do
â What the Mun wishes the Muse would do
♥ The Muse's best friend
♠ The Mun's best friend






Hi. I know I haven’t been around much lately as I have been on my ‘tales of’ blogs (if you want to know them just ask I have quite a few) but I just wanted to say that for as much as I love roleplaying with everyone, it’s easier for me to keep this muse when I have a plot to write on and potentially a paragraph form rp. It’s just easier for me to express Thomas properly. 

I’m sorry I’ve been muse hopping, and that I haven’t been around. I do want to rp still, so if anyone has any idea feel free to send me a message. 

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It’s cute that you’re trying to stand up for yourself. 


Ah, IV. You’re my favorite disappointment. 

"Gee thanks Dad, I love you too." He groaned for a moment. "You act as though if you say the words it’ll burn your tongue."